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may 16-17 in Wynnwood

its bankLESS season

if you dont come you will have to turn in your pleb card

come for 2 days of hacking, mentorship, workshops, and discussions on how to contribute to bitcoin functionality accelerationism and build kickass applications on bitcoin using nostr, fedimint, miniscript, and more. we’ll also get into how to get your project funded either traditionally or through new age pleb means.

also food. some kind of party after. fun.


Fill out this form and we’ll send you a follow up email to buy tickets through eventbrite.

Prices will be:

  1. $10 for early bird (before May 1)
  2. $20 regular (May 1+)

with gratitude to…

prepping for / gimme homework?

  1. miniscript
  2. bitcoin dev kit
  3. nostr pythong

what the fuck is happening?


8:30am-9:00amProvided by our sponsorsLight breakfast + coffee
9:15am-9:45amRob HamiltonSmart contracts with miniscript
9:45am-10:15amÉdouardMiniscript: new challenges for hardware wallets
10:15-11:00amRob and AntoineMiniscript panel
11:00am-12:00pmLunchProvided by our sponsors. Served at the Lab
12:00pm-12:30pmJameson LoppWhy Nostr Matters
12:30pm-1:00pm/dev/fd0Joinstr (remote)
1:00pm-1:30pmRay YousefCivKit
1:30pm-2:00pmJeff and PabloBiggest Nostr challenges
2:00pm-2:30pmLisa NeigutBitcoin deep dive: intro to protocols
3:00pm-3:30pmBuraktbdxxx - a privacy preserving layer 2
3:30pm-4:00pmPaul SztorcDrivechains
4:00pm-4:30pmEril Gun EzerelA data-rich exploration into the Ordinals space
4:30pm-5:15pmJamil, cbspears, PsifourDecentralized ordinal marketplace panel
5:15pm-5:30pmecurrencyhodlerHackathon kickoff
5:30pm-6:30pmDinnerProvided by our sponsors. Served at the Lab
6:30pmOpen roomSpace open all night and all day May 17 to hack

May 17

12:am-4:00pmOpen roomThe Lab open until presentations
8:30am-9:30amProvided by our sponsorsLight breakfast + coffee
11:00am-12:00pmLunchProvided by our sponsors. Served at the Lab
3:30pm-5:00pmcoinwardSide event for non-hackers: Bitdevs Miami @ Bitcoin Grove
4:00pm-4:30pmHackers uber from the Lab to GroveThe Grove (7580 NE 4th Ct, Miami, FL 33138)
5:00pm-6:00pmHacker PresentationsThe Grove (7580 NE 4th Ct, Miami, FL 33138)
8:00pm-11:00pmHackers + AttendeesAfterparty 🎉

key dates

what is this “hackathon” you speak of

it is the friends you make on the journey. we will have a <24 hour hackathon sprint starting after the workshops (please sleep tho) for plebs to build and showcase innovative ideas for the bitcoin ecosystem. don’t have any ideas or friends? the workshops will surely inspire.

there will be prizes. a bevy of them (subject to change till the event starts – we’ll likely add some category prizes & nudge the main prizes if we have the budget to).


basic rules

no cheating allowed – while it’s OK if your submission is part of a larger project or ecosystem (e.g., you build something using sapio or an extension to sapio), the point is to try out new things and explore. there’s no firm rule here – we’ll know cheating when we see it, and disqualify at our discretion. when in doubt, ask an organizer if your project is in the spirit of the event.

we love teams; but we also love to see lots of projects. to strike the right balance, teams may have up to 3 attendees.

to make the event more inclusive, you can also have a ‘remote only’ +1 teammate, just let us know in advance who they are. in the spirit of getting real remote participants, we encourage remotes to be e.g. 2 hours+ away from miami (if you see them during the event in person it’s a disqualifier). interested in being a remote hacker? either ask your friends attending or sign up to share your info with teams.

How To Win


but judging is subjective. at this event we’re going to try to evaluate on 4 categories:

  1. did you learn something new that others can learn from
  2. does what you’re building work towards solving a real unment need
  3. is what you’re building non-obvious
  4. did you make use of something cool from any of the lectures throughout the workshops

if you just do something cool based on things you already know, it’s not a DQ, but we’re going to value people trying out new things.

we’ll adjust these rules as the event draws near; ask any clarifying questions in the telegram.

we <3 plebs,

  1. ecurrencyhodler
  2. coinward
  3. Grace Meyer
by participating in events you agree to follow linked rules + disclaimers
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