🎶 the plebs are back in town🎶



but most importantly…


april 4-5th 2022 in miami (hialeah area)

its sapioszn

get in loser we’re buidling

if you dont come you will have to turn in your pleb card

come for 2 days of hacking, mentorship, workshops, and discussions on how to contribute to bitcoin functionality accelerationism and build kickass applications on bitcoin using sapio, taproot, ctv, and more. we’ll also get into how to get your project funded either traditionally or through new age pleb means.

also food. some kind of party after. fun.


note: we had a limited number of scholarships available to support women (with flights/hotels/childcare expense/etc) to be able to attend with thanks to our sponsors. if this applies to you, please fill out the form above! not a woman, but still need some help? let us know in the form and we’ll do what we can!

with gratitude to…

convenient hotels to stay at

The hotels near miami springs slightly north of the airport will be pretty convient. as would the Holiday Inn Miami West - Airport Area. but really you can stay wherever. miami isn’t too big. brickell is nice if you dont mind like a 20 min uber. im staying in an airbnb. but you probably dont care about that.

the actually event venue we’re keeping a bit hush for opsec reasons, if you really gotta know DM me but we’ll let you know sooner.

prepping for / gimme homework?

the best thing you can do is to prep by learning rust.

you dont gotta be an expert, but a little bit goes a long ways to making you able to follow along with all of the content.

des is organizing some noobschool content / office hours leading up to the event that you’re encouraged to join.

the rust website has some really great exercises.

see also the resources & readings section at the end of this site.

what the fuck is happening?

to be tweaked as we confirm more content

key dates

see below for exact agenda.

other fun around the event is the 4th/5th, but there’s some other nearby bitcoin stuff the 6th-10th.

what is this “hackathon” you speak of

it is the friends you make on the journey. we will have a <24 hour hackathon sprint starting after the workshops (please sleep tho) for plebs to build and showcase innovative ideas for the bitcoin ecosystem. don’t have any ideas or friends? the workshops will surely inspire.

there will be prizes. a bevy of them (subject to change till the event starts – we’ll likely add some category prizes & nudge the main prizes if we have the budget to).

bip-119 security bountiesup to 5.5 BTCTBA

basic rules

no cheating allowed – while it’s OK if your submission is part of a larger project or ecosystem (e.g., you build something using sapio or an extension to sapio), the point is to try out new things and explore. there’s no firm rule here – we’ll know cheating when we see it, and disqualify at our discretion. when in doubt, ask an organizer if your project is in the spirit of the event.

we love teams; but we also love to see lots of projects. to strike the right balance, teams may have up to 3 attendees.

to make the event more inclusive, you can also have a ‘remote only’ +1 teammate, just let us know in advance who they are. in the spirit of getting real remote participants, we encourage remotes to be e.g. 2 hours+ away from miami (if you see them during the event in person it’s a disqualifier). interested in being a remote hacker? either ask your friends attending or sign up to share your info with teams.

How To Win

look, judging is subjective. at this event we’re going to try to evaluate on 3 categories:

  1. did you learn something new that others can learn from
  2. does what you’re building work towards solving a real unment need
  3. is what you’re building non-obvious
  4. did you make use of something cool from any of the lectures throughout the workshops

you can work on whatever you want! a really nice project built in python doing something on the lightning network could win, absolutely. but, the focus of this particular is on the bitcoin rust ecosystem, on smart contract related stuff like sapio and miniscript, and on building decentralized infrastructure. if you just do something cool based on things you already know, it’s not a DQ, but we’re going to value people trying out new things. most importantly…


that matters most.

we’ll adjust these rules as the event draws near; ask any clarifying questions in the telegram.

tHe PlEbIaN aGeNdA

day 1 workshop : april 4th 2022


your belly

bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels bagels8:00 AM9:00 AM
kickoff & morning meditationget your head in the right place for a great day8:55 AM9:00 AM
Udiverse vs President of Shitcoin Island

shinobi (President of Shitcoin Island)

these two twitter legends are coming together for the first time ever IRL to debate (or will it be more of a friendly chat?) about the future of bitcoin. udiverse is well known for his laissez faire attitude when it comes to crypto -- if the people want to eat cake, let them eat cake. shinobi, on the other hand, is known for his 10000 RPM twitter tirades promoting shitcoin abstinence. what will happen when we put them 1v1? your guess is as good as mine.9:00 AM9:30 AM
will the real plebs please stand up?

dulce villarreal

we call ourselves plebs as a reminder that bitcoin is here to serve the outsiders. but who are the real outsiders to the financial system? who may not have ever had a credit card or a bank account? how do we build for them? what tools will help bitcoin reach them?9:30 AM10:00 AM
jeremys guide to drunken rust programmingsome would say rust programming is hard... others would say you are not drunk enough. learn how to cut corners, just don't drink and #[derive]10:00 AM10:30 AM
bdk primer

daniela brozzoni

to bdk, or not to bdk. danielas gonn give us the answer.10:30 AM11:00 AM
wasm primer

hunter trujillo

wasm is awsum; if wagmi yagni. quick demos, get comfy with the concepts.11:00 AM11:30 AM
bdk workshop

daniela brozzoni
alekos filini

get ur hands a lil' dirtier with this demo project11:30 AM12:00 AM
lunchtaco bar12:00 PM12:30 PM
sapio speedrun

jeremy rubin

im gonna show you some cool shit. you're gonna have a lot of questions, i'm not gonna answer them (yet). the goal here is to show you the good so you know it's real. then we'll go over how you can get this stuff running on your system. Mainly, you need to follow this guide PM1:00 PM

jeremy rubin

miniscript is cool but what is it really tho. we'll try to answer that and think mostly about how to use it.1:00 PM1:15 PM
sapio architectural overview

jeremy rubin

how is it built? what is it even1:15 PM1:45 PM
what's CTV got to do with it (got to do with it)

jeremy rubin

an overview of what the opcode is and how to think of it in terms of what we just talked about.1:45 PM2:00 PM
lets actually get this thing running2:45 PM
15 cool hackathon ideas in 15 minutes

jeremy rubin

2:45 PM3:00 PM
teams that <> together <> together

christopher calicott

christopher is going to lay out ground rulez on how to swipe-right and swipe-left politely on each other and find some other plebs to work with, as well as what sorts of ingredients go into making a team winners in the long haul.3:00 PM3:20 PM
hackathon teamfinderHackathon TeamFinder... maybe you don't have a team yet or could use a hand... we'll do some sort of garish annoying icebreaker thing but at least you'll get to meet some new people you wouldn't have otherwise.3:20 PM3:45 PM
a torrid affair

alekos filini

alekos is going to give us the skinny on how to use libtor / tor hidden services to architect and expose your applications securely and portably. believe it or not, it's actually easier than setting up dns and cooler.3:45 PM4:15 PM
TDB tdb

rebecca corcillo

calvinists do not believe in this talk4:15 PM4:45 PM
the gang tries to fund a bip-119 security audit

ariel deschapell

there is a bug bounty program for ctv that was formed over a series of tweets over a couple days that has about 5.5 BTC in it, but is formed as a loose group of people, basically a DAO. ariel is going to describe the process of creating an managing a bitcoin development non-profit dao and how this structure might just save us all.4:45 PM5:15 PM
more new covenants

harsha goli

someones gonna make a new covenant proposal during this hackathon... may as well see what is out there5:15 PM5:45 PM
protecc pleb w vault


how protecc coin. coin in danger. pleb no like coin in danger. wat do?5:45 PM6:15 PM
wellness partywe dont need a party the next 24 hours is gonna be hell, plus miami etc, let's chill out and relax a little before crunchtime.6:15 PM7:00 PM
dinnerdinner time, jamaican jerk chicken, fish fry, vegan opts, and more.7:00 PM8:00 PM
Hackathon Kickoff

jeremy rubin

let's get this party started -- it's time to hack.7:00 PM7:05 PM
dont make your project doodoo for doodooheads

stephen delorme

the choice is yours. but if you want your project to not look like a steaming pileah, bentricia and s-d-l are giving you hot tips to make your project polished on the inside and out. more than superficial beauty, this breakdown is going to help you think about user experience and not just pixel pushing.9:00 PM10:00 PM
venue closeup for eveningyou don't have to go home, but you can't stay here (c u tmw)11:30 PM11:59 AM

day 2 hackathon: april 5th 2022

breakfast of champagnes


im not sure mimosas are a good idea, but i'll be having one. and cookies, cafe con leche or soyleche, and fruit for the vegans.9:00 AM10:00 AM
team registration deadlinewe need ur hacker id to ensure hackathon integrity.10:00 AM10:30 AM
the design crit

stephen delorme

let's see if you learned anything last night. our resident bitcoin design aces are gonna hit you up with some last minute design crits (as a group, 5-10 minutes per team) to help you get your project to shine when you demo it -- focus will be on things you can get done in the next couple hours to make that 60% done project feel more like an 80% done.10:00 AM11:00 AM
energy goo

the power you need

we know bitcoiners like artificial foods, so we'll have the energy goo you deserve... jk it's jamba juices to power through the push.12:00 PM1:00 PM
Submissions Dueall good things must come to an end.2:00 PM2:15 PM
ur not urslef eat a snickers™u need some brain food to bring your a game for the judges.2:15 PM3:00 PM
presentations / demos


make us swipe right on your project3:00 PM4:30 PM
judge deliberation

jeremy rubin

no eavesdropping4:30 PM5:15 PM

jeremy rubin

no participation trophies5:15 PM5:30 PM

jeremy rubin

mediterranean banquet to celebrate the plebs5:30 PM6:30 PM

we <3 plebs,

  1. jeremy rubin: judica
  2. ariel deschapell: lincoln network
  3. alex montano:
  4. sarah satoshi:
  5. grace meyer: lincoln network


To add resources, please open a PR and ping jeremy on the github.

Learn Rust

  1. Standard rust tutorial
  2. Jeremy’s Drunken Rust Guide
  3. Rust bitcoin telegram


  1. Sapio Book here
  2. Sapio Architecture Slides


  1. Not So Miniscript


  1. Primer
  2. Workshop


  1. Hunter’s Talk
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